"You must do something to make the world more beautiful"

— Miss Rumphius

I want to make a difference to the world by telling stories. When I was little, I used to tell "Jiggle stories" to my little brother and sister on long car rides (stories about a lizard superhero named Jiggle). Things that make me feel like a kid again make me really happy, and I think that kids' adventures have a certain magic to them. That's why I love Avatar: The Last Airbender so much; it takes me back to this kind of childish wonder that I never want to lose.

I've had almost every hair color in the rainbow except green. I do not look like a person that would know how to snowboard, but I do know how to snowboard. That is, however, the extent of my athletic prowess. If I could play one video game forever, I would pick The Sims 3, but my favorite game is The Sims 2. I love my family and friends a lot. I studied abroad in Madrid and it was awesome. I once made a vlog about unboxing a Waluigi Amiibo.

My Art

Oh yeah, besides writing, I also love drawing and painting.


Driven by my love of Les Misérables, I painted Enjolras (the leader of the revolutionaries) from the 2012 film.


Yours truly.

Like An Anchor

You can probably tell that some anger went into this one.

Other Writing

I write a lot of stuff besides blog articles, especially poetry — I really, really like writing poems. The picture above is my poem Juliet, which was displayed at my grandmother's art show At Wits' End in Westport, Connecticut. It was awesome.

My Writing

I Love Settlers of Catan

At Anime Boston this year, I got to play a game of "Catan: The Big Game," which is a new Catan game that can be played by, theoretically, an infinite number of players (∞ players?? ∞ sheep?!! You heard me right). It was so much fun. Also, at the end of the game (which I did not win, by a long shot), one of the guys sitting next to me revealed that he works for Catan!! I lost my G-D mind.