Zoë Bentley


I'm an extremely passionate geek and in my heart of hearts, I love creating stories — be they blog articles, video games, or adventures for kids — that make people happy.

Core Skills

  • Writing constantly about entertainment and how it affects the world.
  • Working hard for deadlines.
  • Hatching interesting ideas for blog articles.
  • Communicating with colleagues.
  • Talking to superiors and understanding their needs.
  • Talking to people on social media.
  • Proposing collaboration with coworkers.
  • Coming up with ideas for projects, like my blog and the summer camp I started.

Languages: English and Spanish (fluent in both).
Programming languages: Python, C, Java, C#, HTML, and CSS.
Programs: Adobe Photoshop.


Co-Op Technician                                  Summer 2016
Advanced Micro Devices

  • I wrote a 3D graphics renderer in C.
  • I learned a ton about the mechanics of 3D graphics
  • I wrote a bunch of small games, like Scrabble.

Founder and Camp Director                 Summers 2014, 2015
Camp Zoë

  • I started my own small business — I ran a summer camp for 12 kids.
  • I invented activities for the kids all day. We made marshmallow shooters, played improv games à la "Whose Line Is It Anyway," embarked on a treasure hunt that I created (complete with rhyming clues), and drew a lot of kittens.
  • I trained and managed two counselors.
  • I made 8-year-olds stop crying.


Boston University — Boston, Massachusetts
Bachelor of Mathematics with a Minor in Computer Science

  • GPA: 4.00/4.00
  • Graduation date: May 18th, 2018


  • 2016 Robertson Prize
    Awarded to the best sophomore in mathematics at Wesleyan University (I later transferred to BU)
  • 2015 Sherman Prize
    Awarded to the best freshman in mathematics at Wesleyan University
  • May 2014 Artist of the Month at Brookline High School
    Awarded for my animations and paintings
  • 2014 National Honor Society
  • 2013 William H. Lincoln Medal in Spanish
    Awarded to the best student in Spanish at Brookline High School
  • 2012 Animation Book Award
    Awarded to the best student in animation at Brookline High School